The Brat Girls are female bat minions of Nina Cortex in Crash of the Titans but work for Dr. Cortex in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. They run the Evil Public School and supervise the Ratcicles. They wield megaphones that they use to stun Crash by chattering loudly. They are aggressive but stupid as shown in Episode 19: Minority Rapport, where a whole wave of Brat Girls run off a platform trying to get to Crash. They have very girly and bratty personalities, hence their name.


Crash of The Titans

The Brat Girls in Crash of the Titans are golden-brown furred bats with very big ears, black noses, and fanged teeth. They have eyelashes but lack pupils. A Brat Girl's hair is about chest length and a shade of purple-blue, with a single part of hair centred between their eyes while the end of the hair flips upward. Brat Girls wear black shirts tucked into white kilts with black boots and bracelets.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

While somewhat similar to their previous incarnations, the Brat Girls seemed to have been toned down in terms of color. The Brat Girls in Mind Over Mutant have smaller ears and lack fangs. Their hair is much more different than before, now longer, blue in color with red bangs that covers their right eye. The Brat Girls now wear pale lilac vests over long-sleeved blue shirts, both with white necks and cuffs. They also wear blue skirts with white lining, white belts, blue pants/leggings, tall lilac boots with white on the top, and fluffy headphones.




  • They are the strongest minions in Crash of the Titans. However, they are much easier to defeat in Crash: Mind Over Mutant.
  • They are the last minions to appear in Crash of the Titans, but are the second minions in Crash: Mind Over Mutant.
  • In Crash of the Titans, they were dedicated to Nina but, in Crash: Mind Over Mutant, they no longer work for Nina and wish for her painful suffering. It is unknown why the Brat Girls went rogue.
  • The Brat Girls are voiced by Grey DeLisle, Richard Horvitz, Tara Strong, Audrey Wasileski, and Tabitha St. Germain.
  • In Mind Over Mutant, they have blue irises, but in the N Faux Mercial cutscene, they (or one), had dark brown irises.
  • They often refer to people they don't like as conspirators.
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