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Not to be confused with the Bumpa Berry.
Boom berry

Crash holding a Boom Berry in Snow Go.

Boom Berries are purple, raspberry-like berries introduced in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, used as a projectile by the player. There are a few different varieties of boom berries in the game based on each of its four elements. They are only level mechanics, and cannot be taken out of a level or put in the silo like other items.


Purple Boom Berry[]

"Purple Boom Berries smash crates and trigger buttons ahead of you or in different lanes."

Purple Boom Berries have no special properties to speak of, only fulfilling their basic purpose of breaking crates and detonating explosives. They can be picked up and carried indefinitely, and thrown to destroy crates and defeat enemies. They can only be destroyed by blowing up TNT or Nitro Crates, falling into pits, or allowing them to bounce behind the player so it's out of reach.

Boom Berries are also used by Fake Crash, Fake Coco and N. Tropy as weapons during their boss fights. They take on a lighter, pinkish colour when thrown by enemies to signify that they are dangerous and cannot be caught.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Chinese 紫色爆炸莓
Zǐsè bàozhà méi
French Baie Explosive Violette
German Lila Bummbeere
Italian Bombacca Viola
Japanese 紫のブームベリー
Murasaki no būmuberī
Korean 보라 폭탄 베리는
bola pogtan belineun
Portuguese Estouruva Roxa
Russian Фиолетовая взрывника
Fioletovaya vzryvnika
Spanish Bumbaya Púrpura
Thai บูมเบอร์รี่ สีม่วง
Būm bexr̒ rī̀ s̄ī m̀wng
Turkish Mor Boom Meyve
Vietnamese Quả mọng Nổ Tía

Snow Berry[]

"Snow Berries freeze poisonous water."

Snow Berries are light blue in color and give off a frosty mist. They can be used to freeze and deactivate the electric pads found on the ground in Sewer or Later, as well as the normal functions of a standard Boom Berry.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 雪莓
Xuě méi
Simplified Chinese 冰雪莓
Bīngxuě méi
French Baie Blanche
German Schneebeere
Italian Nevebacca
Japanese 雪ベリー
Yuki berī
Korean 꽁꽁 베리는
kkongkkong belineun
Portuguese Baga-de-Neve
Russian Снежновика
Spanish Baya Nevada
Thai เบอร์รี่หิมะ
Bexr̒ rī̀ h̄ima
Turkish Kar Meyve
Vietnamese Quả mọng Tuyết

Hot Hot Berry[]

"Hot Hot Berries will melt frozen obstacles and frozen crates."

Hot Hot Berries are bright red and found only in Bear It. They can be used to melt walls of ice blocking the way and defrost frozen crates, as well as normal Boom Berry functions.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 熱熱莓
Rè rè méi
Simplified Chinese 热热莓
Rè rè méi
French Baie Piquante
German Heiße Beere
Italian Bruciabacca
Japanese アツアツベリー
Korean 아뜨뜨 베리는
atteutteu belineun
Portuguese Fogaiuva
Russian Ух-жгучие ягоды
Ukh-zhguchiye yagody
Spanish Bayardiente
Thai เบอร์รี่ ฮอตฮอต
Bexr̒ rī̀ ḥxt ḥxt
Turkish Sıcacık Yemişler
Vietnamese Quả mọng Nóng Bỏng

Experiment 209 Berry[]

"The electric Experiment 209 Berry will collect and smash everything it passes."

Experiment 209 Berries are a darker shade of purple than normal Boom Berries. They are found only in The Lab. They give off an electric forcefield as they bounce, which can collect any Wumpa Fruit it goes past as well as vaporizing any enemies it collides with. They also have the normal functions of a standard Boom Berry.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Traditional Chinese 209 號實驗莓
209 Hào shíyàn méi
Simplified Chinese 209 号实验莓
209 Hào shíyàn méi
French Baie Expérimentale 209
German Experiment-209-Beere
Italian Bacca Esperimento 209
Japanese エクスペリメント209ベリー
Ekusuperimento 209 berī
Korean 실험 209 베리는
silheom 209 belineun
Portuguese Baga 209 Experimental
Russian Эксперелектрика-209
Spanish Baya Experimental 209
Thai เบอร์รี่ ทดลอง 209
Bexr̒ rī̀ thdlxng 209
Turkish 209 Meyve Deneyi
Vietnamese Quả mọng Thí nghiệm 209