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Boiler Room Doom is the seventh level in Crash Twinsanity and the first stage in the Academy of Evil.


It is accessed by a secret passage hidden in the fountain in the Academy of Evil hub world. Cortex reveals the entrance to Crash in a cutscene.

To pass through the level, Crash must throw Cortex into the machines that will stick him in a bit of pipe. Crash must then roll the pipe containing Cortex around through puzzles, pressing buttons to flush him through bigger pipes and activate platforms to progress.

At times, Crash must also connect pipes for Cortex in order to progress through the level. The pipe puzzles usually get bigger and more complicated for Crash to complete, such as in the Vent and Fan Rooms (second-to-last and last puzzle rooms, respectively), where he must ride moving platforms to spin blue wheels that activate platforms to other blue valves that complete the pipeline.

In some segments Cortex is put into a machine that frees him from the pipe, allowing for Crash to drag and throw Cortex around to flick levers and do platforming sections that would be impossible while still rolling the pipe around.

There is one crystal to be collected, in the middle of the path at the end of the level. 

The boss of this level is Dingodile.

Gem Locations[]

Clear gem: The clear gem is found at the very beginning of the level. Crash must throw Cortex to a platform off on the right, hitting a ! crate which causes a platform to appear underneath the platform he's currently standing on. Rotate the camera on the right so you can see underneath the platform and drop down. The clear gem is under there.

Green gem: After the first set of pistons and nitro crates, to the right of the flushing mechanism, there's a platform slightly below the one Crash is standing on with the green gem on it. Simply jump down and grab it.

Blue gem: The blue gem is located in clear view on a platform just out of reach after the first spinning turbine platforming section. Throw Cortex over there to grab it.

Red gem: The red gem is about halfway through the level, after walking over a section of clear pipe. It's sitting in clear view on a platform off to the right of the door to leave the room. Throw Cortex over there to grab it.

Purple gem: In the room where Cortex gets stuck in a pipe for a second time, go to the second platform in the room. Drop down onto a platform to the right, just under the beginning of the second platform. The purple gem is right there.

Yellow gem: The yellow gem is in the final pipe section of the level. It's in plain view, on a platform at the end of the moving platform section. Simply jump to the platform and grab it.

Boss Fight - Dingodile[]

Dingodile stands in the middle of a large platform, surrounded by fire coming from the ground which hurts Crash upon touching it, protecting Dingodile from attack.

Dingodile begins doing several attack patterns with his flamethrower, which Crash must dodge. After the attack pattern finishes, Dingodile will charge up a strong blast, which Crash must trick Dingodile into firing at a valve. The valve will open, revealing a large button which you need to body-slam. This activates sprinklers above Dingodile, putting out the flames around him and leaving him vulnerable to attack. Hitting him will damage him by 1 hit point. He has 4 hit points in total. 

Dingodile has 4 attack patterns, one for each hit point. The first consists of him shooting fireballs upwards, which will fall to the ground and explode with a very small radius.

In the second, Dingodile sprays a continuous stream of fire down low to the ground while spinning anti-clockwise. This must be jumped over. He will then do the same again, but this time he'll hold the flamethrower up higher and spin clockwise. This must be slid or crawled under.

The third pattern is similar to the second, but Dingodile will slowly follow your movements rather than going in circles. Instead of the higher stream, however, Dingodile will spray a massive wall of fire that can't be slid under or jumped over. It's slow enough to outrun, however.

In the fourth and final pattern, Dingodile will spray an anti-clockwise stream again, but this time he'll alternate between spraying along the ground or higher up, making it harder to tell whether you should slide or jump. He'll then do the wall of fire attack again, anti-clockwise this time. He'll finish off the attack pattern by doing the fireball attack again.

When Dingodile is defeated, a cutscene will start and he'll collapse next to the circle he'd been standing on the entire fight. Crash walks over and looks down at him, standing on the circle. The circle then suddenly rises up, revealing that it was a hovering platform the whole time. Crash is carried out of the room, ending the level.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
French Chaude chaudière
German Heizkeller-Hickhack
Italian La Caldaia Maledetta
Japanese レッツゴーボイラー
Spanish Sala de Calderas


  • This level was completely remade during development. Traces of the older version of Boiler Room Doom can be found within the game's files such as sound effects with "Oldboiler" on the name for the older version of the level and "Newboiler" for the retail version. The old version of Boiler Room Doom also had its own music track.
  • The original, highly energetic and busy soundtrack for this level managed to make its way into the final game itself, in the parade of songs during the end credits after the final boss. This might have gotten in there because the new Boiler Room Doom music track is slow and a great contrast to the faster songs in the credits.