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Blimp Bonanza is the fifteenth stage and is the last level of the third warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure, and the second jet pack/shooting level. It features many more obstacles such as rockets, bombs, and lab assistants in planes.

The objective is to destroy the three blimps. They shoot out missiles and there are various other hazards leading up to the them, as well as balloons carrying crates. There are no checkpoint crates, but the first two blimps count as checkpoints once destroyed (except during time trials). Crash is awarded the crystal once he destroys the final blimp.

This level uses a health percentage system, so Crash doesn't automatically die from an attack, rather he loses a percentage of his health. Breaking a health balloon will add 20% onto Crash's health (except it can never go above 100%).


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Dutch Zeppelinefeest
French Zepplinland
German Blimp-Gefecht
Italian Al Dirigibile!
Japanese ひこうせんを やっつけろ!
Hikou sen o yattsukero!
Spanish Bonanza en el Aire


  • Aku Aku is banned from this level. That is, even if the player enters the level with an Aku Aku mask, the player loses the mask. This is because a single hit does not kill Crash in this level, so Aku Aku's purpose would not make sense.