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Blast to the Past is the first story level of Eggipus Dimension and twenty-first main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. A flashback tape can be found in this level.


After Cortex makes an alliance with Crash and Coco to defeat N. Tropy, they travel back in time in a prehistoric jungle, 88 million years B.C.B.. Crash/Coco must pass through several dinosaurs, primitive plants, beetles and lava in order to locate the last Quantum Mask Ika-Ika and prevent N. Tropy's plan from happening.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic الماضي السحيق Ancient Past
French Retour dans le Passé Back in the Past
German Vor unserer Zeit Before our Time
Italian Ritorno al Passato Return to the Past
Japanese おおむかしの ジャングル Ancient Jungle
Polish Skok do Przeszłosci Jump to the Past
Portuguese De Volta para o Passado Back to the Past
Russian Назад в прошлое
Nazad v proshloye
Back to the Past
Spanish Pasado Pirado Crazy Past



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  • Three of the four elemental masks from The Wrath of Cortex can be found etched onto walls throughout the level. These are Wa-Wa, Py-Ro and Lo-Lo. Rok-Ko can be found on Fossil Fueled.
    • Incidentally, they can be found near something related to the element they represent (Wa-Wa is near some waterfalls, Py-Ro is near lava and Lo-Lo is high up in the treetops in the Bonus Stage).