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Bianca is a character from the Spyro the Dragon series. Originally a servant and apprentice of the villainous Sorceress, Bianca betrayed her evil mistress and assisted Spyro and his friends in defeating her and freeing the kidnapped baby dragons. Bianca has made multiple crossover cameos in the Crash Bandicoot series.

History with the Crash Bandicoot series[]

Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage[]

Bianca has a minor role in Purple. She appears in-game as an NPC in Fire Mountains, where she informs Crash that collecting Trading Cards can unlock bonus minigames. She can also appear by obtaining her Trading Card in Orange and trading it to Purple via link cable.

Other appearances[]

Bianca doesn't appear in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled herself, but she is mentioned by her boyfriend Hunter in the CTR-TV segment for the Spyro N. Friends Grand Prix, who wants to get the Grand Prix over with quickly so he can go home and get back to her.

While Bianca isn't featured in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! in-person, she has a cameo in the form of a Bianca-themed skin for Coco, which was added to the game in season 3; Battle of the Dragons.

Bianca has a small cameo in Crash Team Rumble, appearing on the The Gang's All Here banner alongside several other Spyro characters.


Physical description[]

Bianca is an anthropomorphic rabbit with cream fur. She has blue eyes with pale purple eyeshadow, a pink nose, a tuft of blonde fur on her forehead, and long ears with pink insides. She wears a short-sleeved orange dress with a purple cloak around her shoulders, as well as knee-high orange boots. Her sprite in Purple instead depicts her with an entirely purple outfit. She can often be seen carrying a magic wand.


While initially coming across as stuck-up and stand-offish, Bianca was revealed to be a much kinder person once she stopped working for the Sorceress. Bianca is a hard worker, with her main life's goal being to become a powerful and skilled sorceress. After joining Spyro's side, she could often being seen lending a hand with her magical abilities to assist in Spyro's journeys.

Additional information[]

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