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Bears Repeating is the third story level of the 11th Dimension and the nineteenth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash/Coco climb their way across the mountain, until they stumbled upon a row of Nitro Crates which was activated by Tawna. The bandicoot uses Kupuna-Wa to get through the otherwise impossible pit and make it to the top where Cortex is waiting. They use Polar to chase down Cortex to his airship, where the mad scientist himself is awaiting their arrival.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic الدببة في كل مكان
aldababat fi kl makan
Bears are Everywhere
French Ours en Goguette Bears Enjoying Themselves
German Übärtrieben Exabearated (portmanteau of "übertrieben" (exaggerated) and "Bär" (bear))
Italian Orsi a Ripetizione Repeating Bears
Japanese またもやしろくま
Matamoya shirokuma
Polar Bear Again
Polish Polarny Rajd The Polar Rally
Portuguese Urso, Pular! Jumping, Bear (pun on "urso polar", meaning polar bear)
Russian Опять медведи
Opyat' medvedi
Again the bears
Spanish Osos Insistentes Insistent Bears



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  • The music for the normal platforming half of the level lifts motifs from Dr. Neo Cortex's theme from the first Crash Bandicoot game.
  • The Yellow Gem Path is a direct reference to the levels Road to Nowhere and The High Road from Crash 1.
  • Not counting the N.Sane Trilogy, this is Polar's first semi-playable appearance in a Crash platformer since 2002's Crash Bandicoot XS/The Huge Adventure on the Game Boy Advance.