Bearminator (パパぐま ロックオン! lit. Papa Bear Lock On! in Japanese) is the second boss in Crash Bash. To enter his boss fight, the player must have at least nine trophies, six gems, and three crystals.  He takes three hits to defeat. He shoots mechanical bears and the player must charge them off of the platform in order to defeat them. A missile then appears, which players can pick up, and they must target him right while he moves into a first person sniper rifle targeting screen. Each time that players hit the Bearminator, he will destroy a section of the platform by launching a bomb from his submarine. Even when the player misses the Bearminator with the missile, the Bearminator will still destroy a section of the platform. There are only four sections of the platform, so the player can only afford to miss once. He will also launch one more mechanical bear each time he is hit. After three hits, he will be defeated and flop over, unconscious. If the player is knocked off the platform then the Bearminator will laugh at them.

Special Items

  • Missile - The mechanical bears shoot a missile, attempting to hit the player. The player must use a missile to hit the Bearminator.


Bearminator - Boss

Bearminator - Boss



  • In the demo version of the game, Bearminator takes place in an industrial area with oil instead of water.
  • This is the only boss fight in the game that has exactly the same name as the boss being fought.
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