The Bearminator is a giant polar bear with a blue captain's hat and a submarine that appears in Crash Bash. He is the second boss of the game and takes three hits to defeat. He projects mechanical bears from the shoot of his submarine which the player needs to spin back at him to hurt him.

To enter his boss fight, the player must have at least nine trophies, six gems, and three crystals.



  • His Japanese name, Papaguma, literally means "papa bear". In addition, his name is an obvious pun on the words "bear" and "terminator".
  • The Bearminator is the only new boss of Crash Bash; the other three bosses, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe and Moe and Nitros Oxide were bosses of previous games.
  • Though his appearance is exactly the same as the giant polar bears from Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Team Racing (minus the hat and lower detail), there is no evidence that he is one of them.