In Polar Push arenas in Crash Bash, a beam periodically comes down from a robot or Uka Uka. In Polar Panic, Tilt Panic, and Manic Panic, when players go through the beam, a positive or negative effect can occur. The player can be made smaller, be made larger, acquire lightning or the anvil.

In Melt Panic, however, Uka Uka controls the beam, and any player who goes through it has a negative effect, such as being frozen temporarily, being turned into a snowball temporarily, or acquiring the weight. Also Uka Uka's beam melts the ice when it shines on the edges of the ice.

In Pogo-a-Gogo, a different arena in Crash Bash, there is an entirely different type of beam. This is the electro stun beam, which is a special item picked up by players to stun opponents.


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