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A Beaker-Throwing Lab Assistant (Japanese: ドッカン研究員、フラスコ研究員) is a variation of the lab assistant that appears in only two games in the series.

Crash Bandicoot

Slippery Climb/Stormy Ascent

They introduce themselves here, as an enemy throwing their glass beakers, with pink liquid, at Crash. They can be defeated with either attack.

The Lab

There is one of them in this level. It faces the camera and throws beakers at Crash. It can be defeated with any attack.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

They are again seen reusing their classic beaker-throwing attacks, but this time, they don a black suit and wear shaded glasses, but also have one variant donning a lab coat, throwing the same beakers and wearing the same shades. These lab assistants will always throw in one direction, but do not throw beakers in the direction Crash goes. These assistants appear in a few levels.

Compactor Reactor

Both black and white variants make their debut in Compactor Reactor, throwing their beakers both diagonally and straight forward.

H2 Oh No

Here, they appear out on the surface area.

Fahrenheit Frenzy

They reappear in Fahrenheit Frenzy throwing beakers at Crash once again.

Cortex Vortex

They finally appear in Cortex Vortex, throwing beakers at Crash and appearing in squads of up to four.



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