"Kung-fu razor claw combos and the power of explosive wind!"

The Battler is a giant, vampire bat-like mutant that can create cyclones. It has razor sharp wings and can fly for a short period of time.

It first appeared in Crash of the Titans, while Crash was traveling to Uka Tree. Battlers later appeared in Mind over Mutant at Mount Grimly. In its bio, it's stated that in addition to its razor sharp claws and wind powers, it is also a Kung-Fu master and has slight gas issues. The Battler is the last medium titan to appear.


Battler is a bipedal titan who mutated from a bat. Battler has large wing on each hands to fly or generate cyclones. It has large ears, humongous claws and vampire fangs. Battler has greyish fur, but some of them has dark purplish fur. Battler has three stripes on its arm and back. It has three sharp toes on each foot. Battler is very aggresive, yet very agile. Nobody can stand a chance to avoiding its swift slash and cyclones. Battler alone could destroy large titans like Uka Uka with cyclone storms. Battler in group is very dangerous and cunning. Some of them attacks ceaselessly, some of them generate cyclones, which is very dangerous if you're alone. Battler pretends to sleep on the top of a cave and attacks the unsuspecting victim at high speed. Battler is one of the most perfect titan in the game (Fast attack, Walking when guarding, and cyclone storm). Battler also has different combos (Light, Heavy, Light or Light, Heavy, Heavy).


Crash of the Titans

  • Bat slash combo: Light, Heavy, Light
  • Short fly-attack: Heavy
  • Cyclones: Hold Button x (Playstation)
  • Wing shield: R (Button r1 on PS2)

Mind Over Mutant

  • Bat slash combo: Light, Heavy, Light
  • Short fly-attack: Jump and Light
  • Cyclones: Hold Button l1
  • Wing shield: Button r1
  • Wing attack 2: Heavy




  • Battlers are the only titan/mutant that can walk while blocking.
  • In Crash of the Titans, when you jack a Battler it will bend over very far so Crash can take control.
  • Battlers in Mind Over Mutant can't fly, unlike TK. However, they can now glide.

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