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This page contains all texts related to Battle of the Dragons as well as the renders used to illustrate them.

Used Scripts[]

General Scripts[]

Render Script
Description OTR transparent season 3 "Spyro is trapped in our realm and it's up to us to help him return to his dimension. Unlock special rewards, new skins and gain access to exclusive challenges and runs."
Intro Season03 darkspyro pose01 "Free at last! Now, get out of my way, this dimension is mine!"
Outro OTR spyro pose "We fixed the Dragon Portal and roasted Dark Spyro back to the dragon realm. Gnasty Gnorc escaped though, so be on the lookout! Thanks Crash & Coco! See you soon!"

Mission Board Scripts[]

Render Script
Missions 1 Season03 spyro pose03 "Crash, Coco! I followed Dark Spyro and Gnorc into this dimension but they destroyed the Dragon Portal. We must fix it!"
Missions 2 OTR spyro fly "We have enough parts to fix the Portal but it's gonna take some time and power!"
Missions 3 Season03 gnastygnorc pose02 "This dimension is now mine. Gnorc on the run!"
Missions 4 OTR Cortex 6 "Time for a truce! Get me what I need and I'll create a Reverse Ray, turning this dark Dragon back into an egg!"
Missions 5 Season03 spyro pose03 "Neo Cortex has Dark Spyro on the run. Let's collect more Energy and Parts to power the Portal!"
Missions Completed (Missions 1 to 3) Same render as its corresponding set of missions. "It won't be this easy next time!"
Missions Completed (Missions 4 to 5) Same render as its corresponding set of missions. "Mission Completed!"

Unused Scripts[]


Teaser "I'm coming, bandicoots, and I'm bringing some surprises with me."


Episode 1 "So, that lame purple Spyro followed me through, eh? Well at least you bandicoots have a little friend to play with."
Episode 2 "Now I get to smash Spyro and two rats! HA HA HA. Fun!"
Episode 3 "Time to rename some lands in honor of me! Magma Cone always has a nice ring to it!"
Episode 4 "An alliance with Dr. Dumb Cortex? I think not! I will torch you all!"
Episode 5 "We are close to roasting Dark Spyro and Gnasty Gnorc out of your dimension. Let's do this!"

Harder Mission Board[]

Missions 1 "We need Portal Weapons to smash Dark Spyro back through the portal once it's been repaired!"
Missions 2 "We can lure Gnasty Gnorc away from lands with his favorite food!"