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Not to be confused with the Barrel Thrower from the original Crash Bandicoot.

The Barrel Throwing Rhino is a single enemy in the level High Sea Hi-Jinks of Crash Twinsanity. It is part of N. Gin's crew of Pirate Rhinos.


The Barrel Throwing Rhino will appear only in High Sea Hi-Jinks atop a series of steps throwing barrels that bounce and explode. If Crash gets hit by a barrel, he will take damage or lose a life. Crash can avoid getting hit by these by crouching behind steps.

Once Crash reaches where the Barrel Thrower is, he will hit Crash if he stands too close. Defeating the Barrel Thower simply requires hitting him once, he will then jump back a little and disappear in a "pop" of white particles.


The Barrel Thrower is a muscular, blue, anthrophomorphic Rhino. He possesses has a silver peg leg, as well as a organic foot with two white toes. The Barrel Thrower dons dark purple shorts, a sleeveless shirt with N. Gin's jolly roger symbol on it, and red cuffs on both hands that are studded and lined in a silver color. A white bandana is also tied around the Barrel Thrower's head. Being a key characteristic of rhinos, the Barrel Thrower has a white horn on his snout. On his upper jaw, he has only a single tooth.



  • There is only one Barrel Throwing Rhino in the game, thereby making it the least-encountered enemy in Twinsanity and the entire Crash series.
  • The Barrel Throwing Rhino is one of the only enemies in Crash Twinsanity to have a unique "poof" animation, that being an animation that is displayed after an enemy disappears after being hit by the player or a hazard. The unique "poof" animation could also simply be an oversight, as it the Barrel Thrower could have been meant to have the standard "poof" animation but only part of the particles for it were implemented.
  • It is very similar to the Barrel Thrower from Crash Bandicoot, as they both throw barrels in an attempt to hinder Crash's progress. However, there are some noticeable differences, like the Barrel Thrower throwing forward and the Barrel Throwing Rhino throwing sideways, the Barrel Thrower being a potoroo/marsupial, and the Barrel Throwing Rhino being a pachyderm. The Barrel Throwers worked for Don Pinstripelli Potorotti, and the rhinos worked for N. Gin, and the latter wasn't in the first game.
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