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Barin Ruins is the fifth race course and the second race track to take place in Barin during Adventure Mode in Crash Nitro Kart. It appears to be set within stone ruins that still have some function as boulders are thrown at racers if they are too far behind. Another obstacle that appears in this track are large working robots that pace back and forth across the track, carrying boxes. The robots will spin players' kart out if they run into them. This track is used in the Nitro Cup and the Blue Gem Cup (along with Clockwork Wumpa and Electron Avenue).

Strangely, the track is already available when Barin is first loaded, meaning that players have the option to complete this track and then do Meteor Gorge.

This track returned in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The tunnel section no longer features anti-gravity, and the entrance to it has been given a new design, resembling Nash.

This course is teeming with life, and most of it is hostile. Giant boulders, marauding mechs, and more await, and they can easily get you if you're not careful. Of course, this means they can easily get your opponents, too. And that's not a bad thing.

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Crash Nitro Kart[]

Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)[]

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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic آثار بارين
athar barin
Dutch Barin Ruïnes
French Ruines de Barin
German Barin-Ruinen
Barin Ruinen (CNK N-Gage)
Italian Rovine di Barin
Le Rovine di Barin (CNK Game Boy Advance / N-Gage)
Japanese はっくつ バリンいせき
Hakkutsu barin iseki
Portuguese Ruínas de Barin
Spanish Ruinas Barin


  • This track, along with Meteor Gorge and Deep Sea Driving, makes unlocking Fake Crash and Pura much easier.
  • Zem has the best "race the trial" time for this track.
  • This is one of the only two race tracks in the game to have snow in it. The other one being Meteor Gorge.
  • It seems that Fake Crash is the only character to crash into the wall on the left side of the entrance of the anti-gravity area, if one manages to successfully finish a race of either 3 laps, 5 laps or 7 laps as Fake Crash, the player can wait for the AI to race to the entrance of the anti-gravity area. Fake Crash will attempt to do the "Sideways kart stunt" just like all the other characters especially Crash Bandicoot himself which manages to sideway his kart and not crashing into the wall, Fake Crash, however, will always crash into the wall and fail the jump, leading him to neither fall into the pit or somehow successfully do the stunt move leading him to sideway his kart and not fall down into the pit but still manages to crash into the wall.
  • The Nitro-Fueled rendition of this track contains statues depicting Nash, including a tunnel entrance, complete with functional laser cannon.