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Barin is the second planet in Crash Nitro Kart. It is a frozen, hilly land that has lava, mines, snow, and underwater sections. The planet's name comes from the word "barren", which means empty, as the planet is desolate and abandoned. The boss of the planet is Nash and the race against him takes place in Deep Sea Driving.

There is an outdoor section with brick ruins, icy machinery and a snowy pitch. Snow falls around the mountains outside. This world's battle arena, Frozen Frenzy, is located next to Meteor Gorge, with a similar aesthetic, and both areas use the same music. There is an underwater tunnel with the view of the seafloor underneath. The sea is above the snow and is easy to find as Barin is ice, snow and lava. Barin is in a layout with the hubworld being on the sea in-slope and with the tracks on the outside of the hub, not far away, with the exception of Deep Sea Driving, which is quite far under the sea.

The planet is inhabited by a race of sapient shark-like organisms, which Nash belongs to.


  • Meteor Gorge - As the name implies, a gorge that cuts through the snowy landscape of barin. Lava can be found in the deepest areas of the gorge, as well as large machines of an unknown purpose.
  • Barin Ruins - The ruins of a long lost city. Giant robots carrying rocks around for an unknown reason can be found wandering back and forth across the track.
  • Deep Sea Driving - A deep sea tunnel filled with spinning blades. The track also goes through a cavern beneath the sea floor.
  • Frozen Frenzy - An icy battle arena with a structure in the middle covered in icicles. There are also four rotating blades upon entry to the structure.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バリン
(Same as English)


  • Its name is a pun in the word "barren".
  • As its name implies, Barin is an uninhabitable wasteland. However, in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Barin has parka-wearing anthropomorphic sharks wander around Meteor Gorge.