Bandicoot Pursuit (ニセバンディクーをおえ! lit. Chase the Fake Bandicoot! in Japanese) is the eleventh and penultimate level in Crash Twinsanity, as well as being the second stage on Twinsanity Island and the second and last Doc Amok level, where Crash must save Cortex from Evil Crash.


The level takes place before it starts with Cortex demanding Evil Crash to take him instead of Nina.

Cortex: There they are! Let her go! Take me instead!

Evil Crash is intrigued and Cortex screams. He then runs off. Crash soon catches up to him and the level begins.

Level Layout

Crash must use the machines in the level to guide Cortex to safety as he runs from Evil Crash. The level splits in two at the large machine. At the end of the Doc Amok sequence, Cortex teleports to the entrance to Ant Agony and Crash can collect the other gems before going to the door to the next level. There is also a portal device that teleports Crash and the other characters back to Cortex's Iceberg Lab to repeat the past levels again.


Crash Twinsanity (Walkthrough) - Part 30 35-0

Crash Twinsanity (Walkthrough) - Part 30 35-0


  • In a concept art picture, Cortex is approaching Evil Crash's house with Crash, Coco (when she was chosen to be a playable character), and Nina. It is unknown what was going to happen during this phase.
  • In the PAL version of this game, Evil Crash will chase his tail instead of Cortex at the start of the chase while running up a slope, and suddenly beginning to spin on one spot for the rest of the chase, no longer progressing after Cortex, this glitch was nicknamed Evil Cockroach.
  • This is the last skippable level in the game.
  • There was going to be a scene at the end of the level where Cortex would reunite with Nina and Evil Coco would make an appearance.
  • Crash can touch Evil Crash in this level, but that results in the loss of one mask or life.


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