In the level Dino Might! in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, there is a glitch when the player obtains Aku Aku invincibility while riding on Baby T. To do this, have a double Aku Aku mask and leave the Aku Aku crate at the beginning of the level intact. Go to where the player gets on Baby T, and backtrack to the beginning of the level.  Upon obtaining the third Aku Aku mask and becoming invincible, Baby T will run away. However, just touching crates will not break them without an attack such as jumping, spinning, or sliding. Normally with Aku Aku invincibility, crates are broken upon any contact.

It is also possible to ride Baby T while invincible if the player dismounts before hitting the Aku Aku crate and then jumps back on. However, Baby T disappears after touching any hazard, so the player can't take advantage of Aku Aku invincibility while keeping Baby T. In the original Crash Bandicoot: Warped, that Aku Aku crate will instead be a ? crate if the player has a double Aku Aku mask while on Baby T (or has dismounted with Baby T still viewable on screen).

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