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Assembly Lane is the tenth race course that appears in Crash Nitro Kart, which returned in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. This is the first race track in Teknee and takes place in a polluted factory. It has mud to slow down racers, like Tiny Arena. The track's name is a play on the phrase "assembly line". It is used in the Wumpa Cup and the Red Gem Cup (along with Inferno Island and Meteor Gorge).

Track design[]

This track is lean and mean: Get ready to jump through a hole in a wall, dodge tractor beams, and blast through a factory assembly line; all while trying to avoid giant pools of black ooze waiting to slow you down. If you can survive this track, consider yourself one crazy Bandicoot!

Crash Nitro Kart Prima strategy guide

The factory includes an outdoor part with oil spills and sharp turns. The interior part of this track includes giant hills and machinery that will crush other racers if they don't take precautions. The level initially starts off in the exterior portion of the factory. The racers will encounter a few sharp turns with oils spills. If a racer drives in the oils spills, then they will lose traction and speed. Afterwards, they will come across a few small hills and an activation crate. The activation crate will switch the direction of the giant magnetic device that appears ahead. The racers will then enter the interior portion of the track, which contains a route with a conveyor belt and giant machinery, and a normal route. If a character is squished by one of the machines, then they will lose time and some Wumpa Fruit. The final portion of the track takes the racers on a giant pipe that contains item crates and speed pads. Before the finish line, the characters will come across a giant oil pit.


  • Oil Pits - The oil pits appear in the exterior portion of the track, and are found usually around sharp turns. If a racer gets stuck in one of the oil pits, then the speed of their kart will reduce. The oil pits will also cause them to lose traction.
  • Giant Magnetic Device - Before the interior portion of the track, there will be a giant magnetic device with an activation box in front of it. The activation box will change the direction the giant device will travel. If a character gets caught in the magnetic device's path, then they will be carried with it and lose time.
  • Conveyor Belt/Pistons - Once the racers enter the interior portion of the factory, they will come across a conveyor belt with three pistons (two in Nitro-Fueled). If they decide to take the conveyor belt route, then they must avoid getting squished by the pistons. This route is optional and only contains an X crate.


  • The first shortcut can be found towards the beginning of the track. When the racers come across the first sharp turn, there will be a small opening in the wall near the oil pit. In order for the racer to enter through the shortcut, they must either have a turbo or be power sliding. During the CNK/CTR challenge, the letter "C" will be located in this little alcove.
  • The second shortcut is actually an alternate route in the track. When the player enters the interior portion of the track, they will encounter a giant conveyor belt with pounding machinery. The player must perform a boost or power slide in order to get on the conveyor belt. Once on the belt, they must avoid the pounding machinery, or they will be squished and lose time.



Crash Nitro Kart[]

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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic معبر المصنع
maebar almusnae
Dutch Montageland
French Production
Ligne de Production (CNK Game Boy Advance / N-Gage)
German Fließbandstrecke
Fliessband (CNK Game Boy Advance / N-Gage)
Italian Assemblaggio
Al montaggio (CNK Game Boy Advance / N-Gage)
Japanese モクモク くみたてこうじょう
Mokumoku kumitate kōji ~you
Portuguese Linha de Montagem
Spanish La Fábrica
Carril de Ensamblaje (CNK Game Boy Advance / N-Gage)


  • Doctor Neo Cortex has the best "race the trial" time for this track.
  • While the outdoor sections are clearly inspired by Tiny Arena, the indoor portion has more of a resemblance to N. Gin Labs.