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Gulp has found a new overlook, filled with familar friends and foes.

In-game description

Artisans Arena is a map that was added in season 3 of Crash Team Rumble. It is based on the Artisans home world from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Several Spyro-themed features are present on this map, with Wumpa Fruit being replaced with gems, Crates being replaced with baskets and chests, and sheep wandering the map that restore the player's health when defeated.

The music that plays in Artisans Arena is Town Square's theme from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remake of Spyro The Dragon.

Relic Stations[]


  • "Gulp rains terror from the sky and causes earthquakes with his slams"

When summoned, Gulp uses his laser cannons to fire beams all around the map, doing damage to any enemies caught in the blast radius. He also stomps the ground, causing earthquakes. Costs 30 relics to activate. It is unavailable until 2 minutes and 20 seconds into a match.

Ice Wizard[]

  • "Ice Wizards roam their domain and freeze enemies with frost attacks"

When summoned, Ice Wizards will stay in the relic station's area and attack any enemy players that come within range. Attacking once will do damage and slow the enemy's movement, while hitting twice will turn them into a snowman, making them unable to move for a brief amount of time or until hit by an ally. Costs 8 Relics to activate. It is unavailable until 50 seconds into a match.


  • "Fairies increase your damage, defenses, and knockback strength"

There are two different varieties of fairies available; Metal Fairies and Damage Fairies. Metal Fairies turn your character into metal, slowing them slightly but also greatly increasing their defense and knockback. Damage Fairies surround your character with a powerful aura, increasing the damage done by all of your attacks, hurting any enemy players that touch you, and causing a shockwave upon landing whenever you jump. Costs 5 Relics to activate. It is always available.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic ساحة الحديقة الخضراء
sahat alhadiqat alkhadra'
French Aréne Des Artisans
German Artisanen-Arena
Italian Arena Delgi Artigiani
Japanese アルチザンアリーナ
Aruchizan arīna
Polish Arena Oświeconych
Portuguese Arena Dos Artesãos
Spanish Arena de los Artesanos