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Anachuur is an anthropomorphic mole thief originating from Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken. He appears in the first volume's second chapter, Reunion with Aku Aku.

He is based on one of the Mole enemies from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.


Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken[]

Anachuur is first introduced at the beginning of the second chapter, Reunion with Aku Aku, when the Arumas inform Crash and Aku Aku about the thief that had been wreaking havoc in the area.

Later in the chapter, when Crash is about to eat an apple, the thief speeds by, snatching the apple out of his hand. Crash angrily gives chase, but Aku Aku lingers behind, spotting Mama and Papa Aruma in pursuit of the thief, shouting that he had kidnapped their son, Aru. Crash finally catches up with the thief, knocks him to the ground and snatches his loot out of his hands, only to accidentally grab Aru instead of the apple. Without a second thought, Crash tosses Aru aside against a nearby bush and snatches up the apple where it lay on the ground next to the thief.

While Crash is celebrating getting his apple back, the thief seizes the opportunity and snatches Aru back up, just as Aku Aku and the Arumas arrive on the scene. The thief demands that in order for him to release Aru, the Arumas must bring him a power stone. The thief gets annoyed when Crash calls him "scarf man" and pulls the scarf off of his head, introducing himself as Anachuur. Crash immediately gets distracted by picking up the discarded scarf and tying it around his neck like a cape, calling himself "SupaMan" and dancing around. Crash's cape gets caught on a tree branch, jolting him and making him drop his apple, which begins to roll towards an open chasm. Anachuur stares incredulously before Crash tears himself free of the branch and bolts towards the apple, violently shoving Anachuur out of the way, making him drop Aru. Anachuur isn't seen again after that.


Physical description[]

Anachuur is a anthropomorphic mole. He is rather fluffy, and has a curly forelock hanging down the middle of his forehead. He has a round body, long claws and a long, hairless tail. For the first part of the chapter, he hides his face with a scarf wrapped around his head. Due to the manga being printed in black and white, his coloration is unknown.


Anachuur is a ruthless and cunning thief. He is greedy and selfish, stooping as low as kidnapping a baby and holding him for ransom purely for his own gain. His main goal is to obtain a Power Stone for their high value, meaning he likely intended to sell it for profit.