Aku Aku in Game Over Screen Glitch

If this glitch is successfully performed it will look like this.

The Aku Aku in Game Over Screen glitch is a glitch that can be performed in all Pura levels in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. If this glitch is performed right, Aku Aku will appear in the Game over screen floating next to Uka Uka while the latter talks and laughs.

To perform this glitch you will need to have an Aku Aku mask in any of the Pura levels, then get a game over while you still have an Aku Aku mask. The easiest way this glitch can be performed is by entering a Pura level on your last life, with an Aku Aku mask. Then fall into a ditch. This is not the only way however, and as long as the player gets a game over in a Pura level, and doesn't lose their Aku Aku mask, this glitch will more than likely happen. This glitch does not happen all the time however.

Levels This Glitch can be Performed


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