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4th Time's a Charm is the boss fight and the final story level of The 11th Dimension and the twentieth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash and Coco confront Neo Cortex who uses missiles, discs of light, and purple energy trombies, with the player using Kupuna-Wa to avoid them safely. Cortex also sends Punchbots and Kupuna-Wa needs to be used in order to spin them back towards Cortex. 

After Cortex is defeated again, he laments the cycle of endless fighting between him and asks Crash if it would last forever, to which the bandicoot does not have an answer to. N. Tropy interrupts by mocking how Cortex couldn't handle this “simplest of tasks”. Cortex decides to quit, but discovers that N. Tropy doesn't need him anymore, because he found a new partner and a new plan. N. Tropy says that he has greater plans than conquering the multiverse and explains that he is going to use his generator to rewrite the history of the multiverse completely, ensuring that Cortex, the masks and especially the Bandicoots will never exist. Realizing they now have a common enemy, Cortex makes an alliance with Crash and Coco to defeat N. Tropy with Crash happily giving the doctor a hug.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic الرابعة ثابتة
alrrabieat thabita
(Same as English)
French Jamais 3 Sans 4 Never 3 Without 4
German Aller guten Dinge sind 4 All good things come in 4
Italian La Quarta Volta é Quella Giusta (Same as English)
Japanese こりない コルテックス
Korinai korutekkusu
Undisciplined Cortex
Polish Do Czterech Razy Sztuka Up to Four Times Trick
Portuguese É Tetra! It's Tetra!
Russian Попытка номер четыре
Popytka nomer chetyre
Attempt Number Four
Spanish A la Cuarta va la Vencida (Same as English)


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