This is a list of quotes said by Crunch Bandicoot in Crash Tag Team Racing.


  • [after the racers crash into each other] "Nice driving fool!"
  • [responding to Coco's comment about the Power Gems] "What is it?"
  • [realizing that Cortex is about to blast the Bandicoots] "Aw, man!"
  • [after Pasadena says Von Clutch passed away] -crying- "Crunch sad!" [hugs Coco]


  • "Crash! Sup, little brother?"
  • "Enough jibber-jabber! I need help! I found a ride that needs drivin'. You gonna help me, we bring the hurt. Eat your greens! Thud ol' Crunch a loan with low interest. I buy that ride and word, we bounce!"
  • "What's wrong with you, fool? Should've stayed in school. You learn what number's bigger than another number, become an accountant, go onto bigger things... Instead, you a chump. Chump that can't count. Crunch needs the coins! And brush your teeth. Looks like a checkerboard in there!"
  • "You makin' me mad, Crash! What you talkin' about with your comin' back? Bringin' Crunch down. When Crunch is down, you will hurt. Don't bring Crunch down. Down's for gophers. Crunch be no gopher! Mow the lawn when your parents ask."
  • "Now you just being crazy! You like a monkey; a monkey that can't count! Don't pet stray dogs."
  • "Crash! I say, Crash, boy! Come help out the Crunch! Crunch needs him some coins! Gonna play the whack-a-mole game, but I need coins to do it. Go get me a pile of coins! And brush your teeth."
  • "What's wrong with you, fool? That's not enough! You know that's not enough! Can't you count? Go back to school and get me the coins, boy!"
  • "Crunch gettin' mad now. Ready to bring the hurt! Ready to do some whackin'. You come back here, no coins! Make Crunch mad! Listen to me good-- either them moles get whacked, or you do! Change your sheets once a week."
  • "Crash, why you roundin' up the Crunch? You wanna see the hurt? Go make me some coins, fool!"
  • "Crash! What's the word, boy?"
  • "Enough jibber-jabber! Gimme some coins, fool! I need a new ride. Something for pick-up. Car for sale in wanted ads. Cost a pretty penny. Gimme coins and I'll buy it. Maybe some lawn furniture too; sit in the sun and drink lemonade. Get Vitamin D from the sun and C from the lemonade."
  • "What's wrong with your head, Crash? Too much sun. That's no good! Make you stupid. Don't talk pretty no more! Wear sunscreen, SPF 50! Get me the coins I need, fool! Then Crunch come in first, maybe do product endorsements. Be famous, get respectified!"
  • "Crash! Oh no, Crunch is too late! The sun fried your brain! You should save your brain, so wear a hat. Look good, keep you warm, prevent UV radiation. Maybe have team logo on the hat. Support the whole team, or the moopy moose-jaw. Now go get me some coins, fool!"
  • "Why you come back with no coins, fool? Crunch needs the coins! Spend all my money on jellybeans! Like the red ones. And turkey bacon, less fat. Tryin' to watch the carbs. Try tofu, don't taste like nothin'. Added steak, that was good! Go get me those coins!"

When attacked by Crash

  • "Ah, my spine! Sleep eight hours a day."
  • "Avenge me! Eat a balanced breakfast."
  • "Don't be a fool! Stay in milk!"
  • "How could you do that?! I need work."
  • "Ouch! Chew with your mouth closed!"
  • "OW! Under attack by a fool!"

When starting a race

  • "C'mon, children! Time to move!"
  • "Let's bring the pain!"
  • "Time to learn who the real champ is!"
  • "Quit yo' jibba jabba, and let's drive!"
  • "I pity the fool who race against me!"
  • "You fools are goin' down!"
  • "Let's... get... bizzay!"

When destroying an opponent vehicle

  • "I burninated that chump!"
  • "Nice drivin', fool!"
  • "Turkey!"
  • "Call me daddy!"
  • "Shoulda stayed in school, punk!"
  • "Crunch is on the case!"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry. Were you in my way?"
  • "That's for messin' with the Crunch!"
  • "Road rage don't pay, fool!"

When flying through the air

  • "Crunch don't feel so good!"
  • "Darn it! Crunch hate to fly."
  • "I can see my house!"
  • "My therapist told me to avoid this!"
  • "Come on, Crunch, stick the landing!"
  • "I hope I land on someone stupid."
  • "Oh no!"
  • "I just threw up in my mouth!"

When destroyed by an opponent vehicle

  • "Goin' limb!"
  • "Ah, the pain!"
  • "I just paid for this car!"
  • "Weak."
  • "Not the car! Easy credit rip-off!"
  • "I never learned to read!"
  • "Aw, heck!"
  • "Ah, nuts!"
  • "No!! Fool!"
  • "I will be revengified!"
  • "Suckas! Fools! Idiots!"
  • "You-- Reset me, fast!"

When clashing

  • "Who's ready for some double trouble?"
  • "Let's do this thang!"
  • "Yeah! Teamwork!"
  • "C'mon fool, work with me!"
  • "Tall, beautiful, and strong."
  • "Ooh yeah, that feels good."
  • "Now we're twice the trouble!"
  • "Adding Crunch makes everything good!"

When unclashing

  • "Go bling your blang elsewheres."
  • "Go get some milk, children. Get strong bones."
  • "You're just not strong enough. Inside and out."
  • "Time to be bad."

Carrying an item

  • "Who's da man? Crunch da man!"
  • "No chance, turkeys! This is mine!"
  • "We's gonna do some damage now!"
  • "You fools got nothin'!"
  • "All mine, baby!"
  • "Mmm, lay some, suga!"
  • "All for the Crunch!"
  • "Darn, man! That's a Power Crystal!"
  • "Another prize for the Bandicoots!"
  • "Oh yeah, that's goin' down good!"
  • "Haha! All mine!"
  • "Ooh, shiny."
  • "More bling for me!"
  • "Now this I can use!"

When running over a park drone

  • "Damn! Who dresses you?!"
  • "Ha! Ten points!"
  • "Might have to lay low in Mexico."
  • "Not even prison-pretty no more!"

When winning a race

  • "Stick and move! Stick and move!"
  • "Yeah! Crunch is in the house! In the house, fool!"
  • "Haha! Nice try, fool!"
  • "Nice try meatbag... Mmm meatbag... Bag of meat!"
  • "Now that's what I'm talkin' about."
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